What is getwetsports?

You may have recently received a message to be added to our website or maybe have seen us around or on friends pages and wondered, what is GetWetSports?
We will start by sharing what GetWetSports isn’t and that is an eSports org or support community.
In the truest sense of the word we are a digital version of a real life physical library.
Each member is a book and every book we add continues to diversify and excite both those who use us for content consumption or those who come in the intent of supporting friends and loved ones pursue their dreams.
We support whole orgs, creators, indie developers, and just chatters in the pursuit of their goals and dreams by being another highway to their content via profile links as well as indirectly serving as a digital billboard for their content.
We actively engage with creators and game developers in the hopes of continuing to be the premier content library on the web and as a one stop shop for those looking to find someone new to watch, someone to continue to support, and those looking for new and exciting ways to have their content be seen by more people.
No, we are not a support community, but we are so much more…..we are a content library and we would love to help shine a light on you or someone you look up to.