R.I.P 2020-2021 St. Louis Blues

The Blues enter the season as one of my top 5 teams. Even with the departure of Alex Pietrangelo in the offseason, the St. Louis Blues made the strong moves to fill the void left behind. But alas, they were not good enough, as the Blues fell in the first round in a sweep.

But was this the Blues fault? Or did it just come down the meeting of a unstoppable force in the Avs?

To me, the Blues made the correct moves to stay in cup window. Which is where I want to start. They signed Torey Krug long term. The stud blue-liner contributed 32 points and provided a much needed fill after the void was left by Pietrangelo. They also saw a lot of production from 2019’s blue-line acquisition, Justin Faulk. Faulk was second in points for defenseman with 25. The emergence of Vince Dunn, was also a high point. A young blueliner that the Blues need to hang on to as he is an upcoming RFA. I confidently believe they will make a deal. These 3 are a solid block to build on moving forward for the Blues. Jordan Kyrou emerged offensively as well for the Blues this year, and is coming up as a RFA.

Though they will likely loose the talents of Mike Hoffman, that should give some room to sign winger Jaden Schwartz at the ripe age of 28. Though, this season showed holes in the armor that was Jordan Binnington. The goalie was huge for them on the cup run in 2019. But this season showed how easily it was to frustrate him and get him off his game. Binnington had 108 goals scored against him this season in 42 starts. Which lands him at 4th in “Goals Against” this season with zero shutouts.

With a sturdy group of defensemen for the Blues, being behind teams like Winnipeg, Calgary, and Chicago, who are teams with struggling defensive corps, makes me raise an eyebrow at what could possibly be the blame for this season in St Louis. All in all, this is team has a solid foundation to start with, but the approach to the offensive depth chart must be tread carefully to keep this team in the cup window looking on past this season.

But let us not shed a tear for our fallen Blues. Let us smile. For this team out of St. Louis still has given us plenty. Including the many freak outs of your young, short fused goaltender that we love to see. We will see you again next year. Remember to bring plenty of sticks for Jordan Binnington to break over his post. R.I.P.

Written by @TheFrostBack