#GETWET NFL Power Rankings

1.) Arizona Cardinals

Hopefully well rested they need to fend off the Pack for top seed in the NFC and the schedule lines up nicely to do just that. Is murray back to 100%?

2.) green Bay Packers

They beat a Rams team that has been hit or miss and we still havent been impressed by this team but hey they are winning and thats all that matters

3.) New England Patriots

Maybe the team to beat in the AFC? NFL? Either way this team looks reborn under Mac Jones and company and the defense is really solid which has lead to a turnaround in turnover rating since the first few games

4.) Baltimore Ravens

This could easily be a team with a losing record but currently theyre the top seed in the AFC so honestly who knows what team will show up in any given week

5.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For a long time there it looked like the Buccaneers were mortal against the Colts but they stayed with it and snuck away with a win. Can this team keep up with the Cards and pack?

6.) Kansas City Chiefs

Very quietly the defense has turned it around and with it, so has the season for the chiefs and now the AFC West seems like theirs for the taking

7.) Cincinnati Bengals

All the talent in the world but every time we rank them in the Top 10 they poop their pants in a winnable game. We still like this team as a dark horse come playoff time

8.) Dallas Cowboys

Dont look now but the once juggernaut Cowboys look more like cowbabies and the NFC East seems wide open should any of the other teams decide they want it

9.) Buffalo Bills

This team is so up and down that, like the Ravens, we dont know what to make of the preseason super bowl favorites. The talent is there but they play down to their competition to much

10.) Tennessee Titans

We nearly put the 49ers here but we are giving the Titans one more week to iron out the kinks. Too many turnovers and a leaky defense may derail them however from going far come January

Passion's NFL Power Rankings

1.) tennessee Titans

2.) Green Bay Packers

3.) Arizona Cardinals

4.) Los Angeles Rams

5.) Dallas Cowboys

6.) Buffalo Bills

7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8.) Kansas City Chiefs

9.) Baltimore Ravens

10.) New England Patriots

Alex's NFL Power Rankings

1.) Green Bay Packers

2.) Arizona Cardinals

3.) Dallas Cowboys

4.) Buffalo Bills

5.) tennessee Titans

6.) Kansas City Chiefs

7.) Los Angeles Rams

8.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9.) Baltimore Ravens

10.) New England Patriots

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