Meet our Staff

  • Huge Marlins, Colts, Sharks, Bucks fan
  • Can be found on
  • Has a birthmark that looks exactly like the United States on his thumb
Vice President – Yockey
  • Has 9 siblings
  • Loves Devil May Cry
  • Will not chew when he eats pickles
Staff – DarlinSincerest
  • Published Poet (Twice over!)
  • Potato Lover
Staff – Legacy Mirror
  • Random Fact Inbound
  • Potato Lover
Staff (Guilded) – PostalPyro62
  • Verified Artist On Spotify/YouTube
  • Played Football in High School
Staff – Dadm4n
  • Has 6 children
  • Potato Lover
Staff (SportS) – Frosty
  • You can find him on for his acting
  • Is a Paranormal Investigator
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