Interview with Zimm, CEO of EasternMediaGG (EMGG)

1.) How did you get your start with gaming?
My parents got me an SNES for Christmas when I was 4 or 5 and since then I have been gaming nonstop.

2.) What have you learned offline that has helped you online?

I have a ton of sales experience selling cars, selling cable and WiFi service, selling expensive knives, and even $2500 vacuum cleaners. I’ve taken all that I’ve learned from that and applied it into my business of EasternMediaGG. Realistically everything is sales. People are trying to sell you on themselves every single day.

3.) What led you to create/found your gaming organization?

I got fed up with joining orgs and feeling unappreciated or neglected. I wanted to create a family vibe that actually gave a shit about their content creators instead of this wild dream that their wannabe COD team was gonna be the next CDL champs.

4.) What would you like the future of your gaming org to look like?

I follow quite a few business models currently but what 100T has done is 100% goals. They have evolved into an entertainment BRAND and not just an org. I want to continue to add more dope apparel, get more into the music scene of things, and continue to branch out to all applicable collaborations.

5.) What is one thing you learned that you think other org leaders should know about leadership?

Nothing. Most org leaders have sucked in my experience. I use the knowledge I’ve gained in my 13 years in the Army. I apply the same leadership to my team as I have to my soldiers. I don’t ask anything of anyone that I can’t or won’t do myself.

6.) Why should free agents or potential future members consider your org?

We are just the best. We constantly have people try to imitate what we do and fail. We have created a tight knit community of like-minded grinders. No one here expects to get something and not put forth the work. We all work our asses off and continue to grow more and more everyday.

7.) Is there a gaming or sports “celebrity” you wish you had in your org? 

Of course there is. Who wouldn’t want that? But I don’t have an answer of who. It would be a matter of the most mutually beneficial partnership so i would go over and analyze a ton of information.

8.) If you weren’t in gaming what would your dream job be?

I’d have to say I pretty much live my dream job. Obviously I have a ways to go and so much more to achieve but I wake up, log on to my computer, play games, hop in meetings and talk about games, tweet my usual nonsense, and I don’t have anyone to tell me what to do (outside of my PR team) 

9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?

I LOVE buying, selling, and collecting shoes.

10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?

Easy. I’m a Leo. A lion.