Interview with Syc & Upshock Gaming (uP)

1.) What inspired you to create your community/organization?

I wanted to create a safe environment for content creators to grow and become a family. I feel like there needs to be more positivity in the gaming community and that’s why I chose the #RedefineGaming slogan.

2.) What experience(s) have you drawn on to build the foundation of your community?

I was a Director of Operations for 10 years. I wanted to take those skills I had and apply them to a community that shares the same passions I do. I know how to work the operations behind the scenes, but now I also get to build relationships with everyone.

3.) What was the biggest hurdle or obstacle early on? Was there ever a time when it was all in doubt?

The biggest obstacle early on was trying to balance my real life responsibilities with the organization responsibilities. I also founded uPShock in August of 2020, during a time where the world was beginning to settle amidst the chaos of COVID-19. Nothing is ever certain, but I have never doubted myself or the uPShock community to become something amazing in the gaming industry.

4.) What excites you the most about what has happened so far?

In just a few short months, we have grown exponentially– more than I would have imagined– and we’re still improving as we go. I have seen uPShock go from a mere idea to a community full of hard-working, talented, and inspiring individuals with amazing potential.

5.) Is there a game or event you are really looking forward to getting involved with?

There isn’t really a singular game I’m excited about. We really want to grow in a multitude of directions and have many members that enjoy many different games. There’s such a diverse range of members that play all types of games and I love that.

6.) What other communities or organizations inspire you?

I’ve really been inspired by many organizations and not one specifically. I strive to improve from many aspects of each organization, but mostly community.


Who is the funniest member?


Who is the most serious member?


Who has the weirdest taste in food?


Who always has to be carried in a match?

Too many to choose from ;D

What does the next 6 months look like for you and your community?

We’ve made a lot of progress these last few months. I’d like to keep growing our team of content creators while generating more content. Our main goal is to grow with our members, so we will be composing workshops to teach our members how to improve. We also want to expand our eSports division by having more games and promoting their skills. We’ve really only scratched the surface of what our team is capable of. I’m excited for the future.