Interview with Sway Gaming

1.) How did you get your start with gaming?

Way back when, almost 30 years ago, my grandfather had an Atari and a original Nintendo. Playing Pong and then Super Mario.
2.) What have you learned offline that has helped you online? 
Good question. I guess just the way people take what you say online. Like you can say something offline to people that people online don’t get. People have different ways of interpreting things and what one way of saying something, may not be the way others do.
3.) What led you to create/found your gaming organization?
My passion for business is just one thing. I went to school (college) for business management, marketing, and advertisement. I wanted to start something different. Fun fact, it was just a few friends that started Sway. We did it as a Call of Duty clan back in 2011. I started doing Call of Duty competitions and traveled to some LANs under the Sway name. But in 2014 I had to stop since I became a father. I decided that I’ll merge what I wanted to do in life with owning a business and my love for video games into one. The rest is history now.
4.) What would you like the future of your gaming org to look like?
A place that everyone is happy being in. No judgement, everyone in the organization to have the ability to grow, and just having that family atmosphere. I mean granted, what org owner doesn’t want success in eSports or 100,000 followers? I’d love it. But I’m not necessarily worried about that. I’m more into changing the mold of what an organization does in gaming then going out and grabbing the BEST eSport teams for 5 minutes of “clout”.
5.) What is one thing you learned that you think other org leaders should know about leadership?
How to be smart. I’ve seen a LOT of organizations come and go. A lot of them get this instant boost of success and then disappear. To me, it’s because they threw all their chips into 1 small space and went for a do or die approach. Why? If you put your time into a brand that you made, why place all your chips in one spot? I’ve lead this org down so many paths, granted some were wrong ones, but you gotta know when to turn around. Some literally drive straight and that’s the only path they will go. Other org owners gotta take their time, make the right moves. Don’t drive straight all the time, eventually you’ll have no where else to go.
6.) Why should free agents or potential future members consider your org?
Honestly, hard to answer this question. In this day, so many people see followers as a reason. The ability to reach X amount of people. But that X follower number doesn’t mean they’re interested in you. I can say this. Future people wanting to join us, just know we ARE like a family. We DO support each other. We want the best for YOU and will help YOU get the best from YOURSELF. Don’t think an org is going to give you instant success. Don’t expect that. It’s a grind. No one walks into a job and instantly gets paid millions unless you’ve worked hard and are the best of the best. Free agents, if you don’t work hard, don’t expect to come here (to Sway) and instantly become pro.
7.) Is there a gaming or sports “celebrity” you wish you had in your org? 
Most will laugh at this but no, I don’t. Not one “celebrity”, not one major person in gaming would I want coming here. Not how I like to operate. I’d rather 1 smaller streamer or 1 unknown player or 1 community member, granted I’d take anyone currently in Sway over someone like Shroud or Nadeshot. Not saying they aren’t good people, but I’d rather watch someone become successful and watch Sway build up from those type of people than to bring someone in that already is successful. Doesn’t help us.
8.) If you weren’t in gaming what would your dream job be?
Um,  honestly I don’t know. I currently have a great job at the moment. Gaming and my organization is my secondary ordeal. Hopefully one day it becomes my primary BUT that’s a possibility in the future and it’s a “1 in a million” shot. My dream was to become apart of a major sports company like football or basketball. Management on a team.
9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?
100% my daughter. She’s the best things that’s ever happened to me. If I’m not gaming, I’m either working my regular job, working on a new business plan for Sway or with her. Granted she takes away from Sway because she of course is my life.
10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?
Ahhh! My favorite animal is a monkey so I’m going to have to go with that. Be able to just chill out in the trees, do whatever, eat some bananas, and relax.