Interview with Smellters, Creator of the Month

1.) How long have you been a gamer/streamer?

I’ve been a gamer since my earliest days on the original Nintendo. Started streaming March 2019

2.) Favorite game you have played?

Oooh man there’s so many good games. My favorite series is mass effect 1-3. My favorite individual game is probably The Last Of Us.

3.) What do you do when you aren’t creating content?

Spend time with my wife or family. Play with my dog. Sleep. Whatever passes the time

4.) What’s the next big thing/game you want to be involved with?

I’m really big into mental health. I want to create a podcast focusing on all of our struggles. I also want to run a charity stream for mental health charities.

5.) What’s 1 thing people don’t know about you that you’d want them to know?

I mean nothing crazy. I’m very open with my audience. I guess just know that I love you 🙂

6.) What’s the most challenging part about gaming/streaming?

Watching numbers and not getting discouraged. I know people say don’t number watch but it’s hard not to especially when our numbers determine our income and our future in this business.

7.) Who is your favorite person to watch? Why?

Right now I’m big on Stonemountain64. I just love how he has made Facebook gaming his home and I like how interactive he is with the community.

8.) Does your significant other/partner/family member ever play or watch with you?

Absolutely not unfortunately. I wish my wife supported this dream but she doesn’t. She respects me enough to let me do it but will not get involved with it.

9.) If you could be great at something other than streaming/gaming what would it be?

Great question. I always wished I had continued playing football and would have played in College.

10.) If you could be any animal which would it be and why?

A silverback gorilla. Its my favorite animal and they have a huge pack mentality and will literally fight and die for their pack.