Interview with Revibes, Owner/CEO of Gonzo Gaming

1.) How did you get your start with gaming?
I have been a gamer all my life starting out with Gameboy & Nintendo 64 and growing to love console gaming as I grew older. I found my true love for the gaming community when I was 10 and playing MMORPGs like Star Wars Galaxies & World Of Warcraft – as I got even older I moved into more FPS games with my buddies like Halo & Call Of Duty.

Once I got hooked on Multiplayer my passion for competitive gaming followed soon after and I found myself dominating public matches as well as GameBattles ladders. At the time there were no real gaming careers, leagues, or path forward for me to see and so it remained more of a hobby to me than anything else.

2.) What have you learned offline that has helped you online?
I enjoy being a social person & interacting with people from all walks of life and all over the world – gaming can provide such an incredible level of connectivity that coming into it with a growth mindset and wanting to make friends helped me grow a community of my own and not only interact with others, but learn from them and also be able to provide them with some of the knowledge & insights I have gained through my years as well.
I also have a lot of experience in marketing & branding and truly love to help others realize the potential to make their gaming or content creation a full-blown career since I was never able to make that a reality for myself when I was younger.
3.) What led you to create/found your gaming organization?
After the startup company I was working for had to lay off a number of employee’s due to funding & product issues in 2018 I was left with no job but still a massive hunger to get involved in the esports & content creation world.
The incredible growth and success Twitch, YouTube, and esports was seeing really validated the industry to me. I felt that with my business & startup experience I could help bridge the gap between the business & gaming world and help younger members of the community realize their own potential within it.
So while I hunted for a new career path I figured there wold be no better time to try and create an organization of my own.
4.) What would you like the future of your gaming org to look like?
Ultimately I want to see Gonzo Gaming become a lifestyle brand bigger than just gaming – something akin to 100Thieves & Faze Clan. I not only want to see success in competitive accomplishments & content creation, but also in entrepreneurship, charity, and personal growth.
I emphasize physical & mental fitness to all our members and the importance of shaping & developing a personal brand that carries weight beyond the online world and into their daily lives.
Life is about balance & you’ll find the best in the industry have found ways to master that balance and take care of themselves and those around them while maintaining their careers – and building those habits & that mindset early on is crucial to long-term success.
5.) What is one thing you learned that you think other org leaders should know about leadership?
There is no substitute for time & everyone is on their own path. So many people want to blow up and become the next big thing, but they don’t acknowledge all the hard work that has to go into that kind of growth behind the scenes.

Every win is built on top of a graveyard of losses & lessons. Setbacks are inevitable, but the more important thing is what we take from them and how we grow.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing one’s growth to others – whether its friends, other organizations, streams, etc. — but there is no value in that. Instead, we should be supportive and cheer one another on while continuing to focus on what is within our own control to change & improve. Build bridges & your network and you will find you’re not only happier, but others will want to do the same for you.

6.) Why should free agents or potential future members consider your org?

There is certainly a number of material benefits to joining depending upon what you bring to the table as a competitive player or creator, but speaking more broadly we provide an incredible community & family environment.

We are a close-knit community & we pride ourselves on authenticity. Everyone has different kinds of content they produce, games they play & compete in, and come from incredibly diverse walks of life. We hold each other accountable, but love to have fun. You might be challenged on some things you say or do, but it all comes from a place of love. Its truly a place we want all to feel welcome & able to call home.

Even though there are disagreements & differing viewpoints we can respect the rights of each other to hold those and know at the end of the day that we all have one another’s back.
7.) Is there a gaming or sports “celebrity” you wish you had in your org? 
Not really. It’s more a matter of finding someone that would fit in and aligns with our vision. I feel like at this point in the industry any ‘celebrity’ would expect to be treated as such & we’re less interested in that and more interested in building our community up.
I’d wager that a couple of our current members will end up making it big and I hope to help be a driver for them to do that.
8.) If you weren’t in gaming what would your dream job be?
Marketing for a gaming company or brand.
9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?
Entrepreneurship, my amazing girlfriend & life partner, personal growth, and community! Basically all the same things I am passionate about online. I guess you could throw history under this as I am a BIG history buff.
10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?
That’s tough to answer… it might be cliche but I think a wolf. I can absolutely survive on my own but I truly thrive in a team environment. Similar to a pack – I know what role I need to play and trust others to do their part.
I also have the ability to coexist & care for others just as many wolves have been conditioned to do with humans and other animals, but the underlying wild side still exists.