Interview with Queen Arrow of Brutal Democracy

1.) Tell us a little about your journey into gaming?

I’ve been gaming since I was young. Like three years old young. I was super into the old school games like Super Mario, Contra, Tapper just to mention a few. This was all due to the influence of my elder brother and cousin

2.) What is your best gaming memory?

That’s kind of a two-parter. First is when I got signed to my first esports team (XiT Gaming) which spurred my competitive drive in Tekken. Second would be making my first Top 8 within my local circuit.

3.) What has been your biggest challenge with your content?

My biggest challenge tends to be implementation of the content. I have tons of good ideas but I don’t have access to the equipment to maybe make it the quality that I want or the reach to a wider audience since gaming is still kind of a novel idea here in Kenya. Moreover, I am sometimes terrified that I may make something and people will hate it so I have to motivate myself to just take the leap and go for it.

4.) What is the next big game you’re looking forward to?

The next big game that I am looking forward to is definitely the Ghost of Tsushima. I’m a history buff and I can’t wait to explore Japan during the First Mongol Invasion of Japan and make Jin Sakai my ext spirit animal.

5.) What is one piece of advice you would want other content creators to know that you found out too late about or wished you knew earlier?

The one piece of advice that I wish I had known earlier and I’d give content creators is that you should make the content that you want and when you want it. You don’t have to go according to the whims of your audience because then it will feel like a chore. Audiences can pick up on a lack of authenticity and you will lose them that way. So be you.

6.) If you weren’t doing what you currently were doing, what would you want to be involved with?

If I wasn’t doing what I was currently doing, I would be involved in law firms maybe specializing in diplomacy and international relations.

7.) Do you game with family or friends? How do they support what you do?

Yes, I do game with my family and friends. My mum and brother are my biggest supporters so long as it doesn’t interfere too much with my school work.

8.) What game are you absolutely terrible at or struggle to play?

The game that I am absolutely terrible at… (Dramatically unrolls scroll)… anyway, I suck at Apex Legends and Warframe. I enjoy them but I honestly can’t make heads or tails of the two games.

9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?

When I am not online, I am passionate about history and current affairs. I love following up on the two because whether people want to acknowledge it, these two areas affect every segment of our lives, even here in the esports scene.

10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?

The animal that I would be if I had the choice would be a cat. I am absolutely fond of them