Interview with Premium Member: ThaHavocc

1.) What is the one thing you love about your community?

What I love about my community the most is how pure and helpful they are. People can come into my chat and talk about their whole day in peace with no judgement only help. My community is growing into something I been wanting since I picked up streaming.

2.) How did you get into content creation/gaming?

What got me into gaming was actually one of my childhood friends named Andrew. He bought me Modern Warfare on launch telling me if he bought me the game I must take the streaming world serious. I started off with a PS4, a TV and also my phone to read chat. Now I have 4 monitors and my second PC. I’ve invested so much into my career so far and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

3.) What was the best video game and worst video game you have ever played? Why?

Best video game I ever played was Black Ops 2. I used to try to trickshot all the time and coming home to that main menu after school was the most satisfying thing in my childhood.

Worst game was NBA2K. The game has gone downhill ever since the end of 2k17. The servers are bad and always have huge latency. The game hasn’t been balanced in so long. Plus people use zens that let them greenlight everytime.

4.) If you could collab with a community or influencer, who would it be?

The one person I would collab with the most is MuTex. He is a big inspiration of mine from the start of my true grind. I watch his streams when he plays really serious then apply his IQ to mold my own playstyle. He hosted me a month or two ago and his community was really amazing. His whole community was surprised with my gameplay because I play cracked but I’m overlooked because of my KD.

5.) Who inspired you to start creating content or continues to inspire you?

My childhood friend Andrew inspired me to stream but Mutex is my biggest inspiration right now.

6.) What is something you want people to know about you?

I am the kindest and most supportive person ever. If you ever need anything you should never be afraid to ask me anything. Also I am a true grinder. I stream for a long time everyday, for the last 222 days.

7.) We have gone 5 years into the future, what does your content look like?

Variety Content all across the board. Funny moments, Reaction Videos, RPG GAMEPLAY. Of course FPS will be on there as well but I will be hitting the most insane shots in those FPS games.

8.) What advice would you give to the next new creator that you wish you were given?

Don’t self promote just look for someone new who fits your liking of streaming get to know them and their community so you can network the right way. Also don’t look at your viewer count. A lot of my beginning streams was 1 viewer for 8+ hours and I still never gave up.

9.) Hot dog or glizzy?


10.) Finally, if you were any animal, what would you be and why?

An owl, because that is the spirit animal of wisdom and that’s what I wish to acquire fully.