Interview with Premium Member: Saint

1.) What is the one thing you love about your community?  


The family atmosphere that we have is second to none. Even members that have moved on to do other things still pop in from time to time to show the love. We take pride in the loyalty we have for our brand and our members and that love and loyalty is given back 10 fold.


2.) How did you get into content creation/gaming?


I started out playing comp Halo after I got out of law enforcement in my early 20s and have been progressing from player to manager to owner of an org and now making content.


3.) What was the best video game and worst video game you have ever played? Why?


The best game played had to be Halo and Halo 2. Having LAN parties at someone’s house made for great times.  I don’t know if I had a worst game but the current start of games like Warzone can fill that spot since its nothing but cheaters.


4.) If you could collab with a community or influencer, who would it be?


This is a tough one because there are so many cool people in the scene I would love to work with. Dr. Disrespect is a top choice for sure, I love the vibe he puts off when live and Summit1g is another one I would love to collab with I love his GTA RP.


5.) Who inspired you to start creating content or continues to inspire you?


Watching people like Summit1g and seeing how he is able to hold a crowd by just having a good time playing a game had a huge impact on me.


6.) What is something you want people to know about you?  


I am an old head lol. 39 years old and still gaming, have my own studio in my house that my wife built for me so I could keep doing what I love to do. I have 3 amazing kids that I play with from time to time and an amazing wife. Gaming has age limit so I’ll be doing this for a long time to come.


7.) We have gone 5 years into the future, what does your content look like?


I hope it looks and feels the same but with better quality lol. Growth comes from hard work so I do my best to keep busy and I hope one day that will pay off but if not gaming is a big part of who I am so as long as I’m having fun I’m ok with it


8.) What advice would you give to the next new creator that you wish you were given?


Never quit, push thru all the hard times and learn everything you can learn to help making your content better.


9.) Hot dog or glizzy?


I’ll go with hot dog haha


10.) Finally, if you were any animal, what would you be and why?


A hawk. Powerful, majestic and I could fly.