Interview with Premium Member: NeckBeardJeb

1.) What is the one thing you love about your community?

I would say the diversity, it really is a place where a lot of different gamers come together. We have console, pc, and mobile gamers that share a large different array of interests. We have people that are cracked at different games and people that play games because it just gets them away from life.


2.) How did you get into content creation/gaming?

Well, I have been gaming ever since we had random games downloaded on floppy disks…. yeah, I know what those are. But I got into content creation because it seemed like a great way to meet other gamers from all over the world. I have always loved gaming, and I have always loved meeting new people and I figured why not give this a shot?


3.) What was the best video game and worst video game you have ever played? Why?

Looking back at it I think the best one I have played was Left 4 Dead 1&2. Shooting zombies, hitting them with bats and stuff, like what is not to like. Plus, it is a team game, but we all know there is always the one person just merking zombies left and right. Plus trying to get the Cr0wned achievement was a blast.

The worst one I played was Infinite Warfare, like COD tried way too hard in that game, plus I like more boots on the ground COD. I respect the chance they took but wow wee did that land flat on its face.


4.) If you could collab with a community or influencer, who would it be?

If this one counts, I would say Achievement Hunter.


5.) Who inspired you to start creating content or continues to inspire you?

I was inspired watching Achievement Hunter since 2011 and that is where I met a lot of my close friends in high school. I mostly watched Rage Quit videos since yeah, I felt it on a spiritual level. But now what inspires me are people that say they stop in the streams to get away and hangout, or whenever I see someone from when I was in Mixer comeback and we can relive those memories.


6.) What is something you want people to know about you?

I’m not mad, just salty. But in seriousness what I want people to know about me is that I honestly actually care about anyone that hops in my streams. If anyone is having a rough time, I want to be able to help, my dm’s are always open and that whatever is going down in life is always easier with people by your side.


7.) We have gone 5 years into the future, what does your content look like?

Hopefully the same, no matter what happens I hope I do not change who I am as a person, I have done enough of that in my life. Like I don’t care if I still haven’t hit 600 followers, or if I am sitting at 600k followers. I want to talk to chat, and I want to keep putting out content, with the occasional one tap.


8.) What advice would you give to the next new creator that you wish you were given?

It takes time, it takes a lot of heart too. Bet on yourself, you know you can succeed, show it.


9.) Hot dog or glizzy?

Uhhhh bratwurst? Ope sorry there, I’m from Wisconsin. Hot Dog.


10.) Finally, if you were any animal, what would you be and why?

Honey Badger because the Honey Badger don’t care. I see a goal I want to hit that goal even if it is too lofty for me. Plus they are small and light, so it is a little easier to carry me in Apex and Warzone (Shoutout Swili my guy’s back must hurt)