Interview with Premium Member: CupOfRobots

1.) What is the one thing you love about your community?

They seem to have poor judgment as some of them have been around since 2014. They are extremely welcoming and kind. I really don’t know what I did to deserve them.

2.) How did you get into content creation/gaming?

In 2013 I saw an ad for Extra Life and I’ve always loved helping those who can’t help themselves. I 2010 I attempted to launch a website that would host Halo LAN tournaments for charity but it sadly never came to fruition. Extra Life introduced me to Twitch and I saw KingGothalion and Professor Broman for the first time. I loved what they were doing and I decided to give it a try. I quickly realized that it was much harder than it looked. Especially back then. OBS required a computer science degree to operate.

3.) What was the best video game and worst video game you have ever played? Why?

This is a hard one mainly because I’m REALLY old. I have the fondest memories of Legend of Zelda on the NES. The whole family would watch my dad play as we made dungeon maps on graph paper. E.T. for Atari was pretty horrible. I think I still have that cart somewhere. But I think Smurfs for Colecovision made me want to scream at puppies the most of all.

4.) If you could collab with a community or influencer, who would it be?


5.) Who inspired you to start creating content or continues to inspire you?

Extra Life got me started and the Wobblers (Goth and Broman) inspired me. Today it’s the younger creators who continue to innovate and change the way I think about content creation as whole.

6.) What is something you want people to know about you?

I’m not ALWAYS this sarcastic.

7.) We have gone 5 years into the future, what does your content look like?

Achieving peak value proposition. I want to give people something that they feel they need. Seeing people freak out the way a toddler does about a Disney Princess.

8.) What advice would you give to the next new creator that you wish you were given?

Perfection comes over time. I’ve wasted so much time obsessing over things that only I would have noticed in the first place.

9.) Hot dog or glizzy?

Hot dog! I had to Google Glizzy.

10.) Finally, if you were any animal, what would you be and why?

Piranhaconda because it’s my spirit animal.