Interview with Optisix (Premium Member)

1.) How long have you been a gamer/streamer?


August 2018 – I decided to get back into Streaming, so just over 2 plus year now. 5-7 days a week on avg!


2.) Favorite game you have played?


My favorite is what I’m known for, NHL content!


3.) What do you do when you aren’t creating content?


Full time Private Security throughout my city! Changes all the time with contracts


4.) What’s the next big thing/game you want to be involved with?


I never know what next big thing is but Rep a NHL team via Stream would be a great game changer as I have been playing NHL since 1992!


5.) What’s 1 thing people don’t know about you that you’d want them to know?


I’m a father of 5 Kiddos (4 boys, 1 Girl)


6.) What’s the most challenging part about gaming/streaming?


Focus Support/ content / work life and real life


7.) Who is your favorite person to watch? Why?


Thebakerandtymoshow because Canadian boys playing some puck is my life and Hockey!


8.) Does your significant other/partner/family member ever play or watch with you?


My wife used to Stream with me and on her own but now decided it’s more fun to watch. My mom loves to pop in and troll me when she’s free!


9.) If you could be great at something other than streaming/gaming what would it be?


Artist- Drawn since I was young – Parents always thought I could do something with art.


10.) If you could be any animal which would it be and why?


I would be a hedgehog, no reason outside Sonic and Knuckles cause other then that I really have no idea.