Interview with Mr. E of Brutal Democracy

1.) Tell us a little about your journey into gaming?

I started gaming at a very young age, I’d say 5 or 6 was when my dad first introduced me to the Super Nintendo.

Fell IN LOVE with Mario games. Ever since then, gaming became a hobby of mine that I loved. Around the age of 8-10, I was introduced into Super Smash Bros. Melee by a friend of mine and instantly fell in love with the game.

I still loved playing outside so it wasn’t something I got too invested in at the time, but around 12-13 I was introduced to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. From another friend of mine, and since then was when I got super invested in the game. 


2.) What is your best gaming memory?

My best memory so far I’d have to say is when I beat ZeRo at Evo 2016 in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. ZeRo was the number 1 player at the time, that event was the biggest of its time and I made it happen. Was very proud of it because it was something I wanted to prove to myself that I could do for a while. I don’t think anything passes that on the scale yet.


 3.) What has been your biggest challenge with your content?

My biggest challenge so far with content creation I’d have to say was finding motivation and consistency.

Sometimes it’s hard to brainstorm an idea or something for your channel, sometimes it doesn’t come for a while either. One day I just felt like a light bulb turned on with a bunch of ideas for my channel and what I wanted to base my content around. At this time, I wrote down as much as I could while in this moment and just promised myself to get them done and stay on the road.

I think maximizing what you do when you’re in these little moments of motivation/passion is key, and trying your best to not dwell too long on the times when you aren’t feeling too hot. 


4.) What is the next big game you’re looking forward to?

As far as looking forward to a next big game, I’m honestly not too sure. Smash Bros is pretty much my gaming life and has been for the longest, and we don’t get a new game for at least a few years.

However I recently did become a fan of Fire Emblem which is where the character I use in smash “Lucina” comes from! I played the most recent game “Fire Emblem Three Houses” Recently and LOVED it. So whenever the next game comes out, I will definitely be looking forward to that!


5.) What is one piece of advice you would want other content creators to know that you found out too late about or wished you knew earlier?

I would say, it’s great to care about quality over quantity and I still base my content around that, however, because I thought that way I missed out on a bunch of traction that I could have possibly brought to my channel and videos due to me being stubborn about that around the beginning of SSBU’s release.

Try and do your best with what you have over be too nit-picky! You can miss out on a lot. 


6.) If you weren’t doing what you currently were doing, what would you want to be involved with?

If I was not gaming or creating content, I would probably be trying to get involved in some type of sport. I loved competing ever since I could remember, so I might have been involved with track, basketball or something like that! 


7.) Do you game with family or friends? How do they support what you do?

I don’t really game with my family at all really anymore, but I used to game with my dad when I was younger. He has supported me and was the one to take me to these gaming tournaments in the first place! I used to game with my friends too, but now it’s all pretty much just down to business for me.

I don’t really game for fun anymore although I do consider a bunch of competitors friends of mine and I do have fun competing. 


8.) What game are you absolutely terrible at or struggle to play?

There’s honestly no game that I feel I really suck at if I learn how to play it! It’s extremely hard to say. I have no idea how to play league of legends though and I’m super confused on how to play it so, I’m sure I suck at that! 


9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?

I’m starting to really take pride in my physical health, as far as exercising and just eating healthy. Making sure that you’re putting good things into your body. It’s super super important! 


10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?

If I could be any animal… Maybe a monkey! They just seem cool, smart and very sociable. Always seem like they’re chilling!