Interview with KiwiSamurai

1.) When did you discover your passion for racing?

I started getting interested in racing during my teenage years when I would go out to the local Short track and watch guys beat and bang around in their late models and legends cars. Id say around 18 or 19, I discovered I really wanted to start racing, but didn’t have enough money to get my own car to drive, so I decided I would start sim racing. It took me another few years to actually be able to afford the wheel and subscription for iRacing. 2020 really introduced be to iRacing. Watching the NASCAR pro invitational showed me just how fun it could be! After that, I made it a priority to start racing!

2.) So many cars, how do you pick what you drive on a daily/weekly basis?

It is really dependent on the tracks. Saturday and Sundays are dedicated to practice sessions. From there ill figure out what I want to focus on for the week. If I take one of my favorite cars out and absolutely hate the track, then I usually don’t run the races that week. However, if I take a car out that I usually don’t run and I discover I really feel comfortable on the track that week, then I usually give it a spin. ARCA usually gets ran weekly, but that’s because I feel extremely comfortable behind the wheel of that car.

3.) What’s been your favorite ride so far? Is there a car you absolutely loathe?

My favorite ride is absolutely the ARCA Menards Chevrolet. It’s a car that has a very loose rear, so it can be a challenge to get comfortable with. The series is also chaotic. There are no cautions and a lot of new drivers in the series. This combination can make for a really challenging race that feels rewarding to do good in! I personally do not like the Formula Vee or any of the Dirt Road content. The Vee feels slow to me, and the dirt road content is just a tough drive for me. I’m actually working to get better on dirt road, so that opinion may change in the near future.

4.) A lot of gamers have played Gran Turismo, Forza etc… does iRacing compare?

iRacing is definitely a competitive sim first and foremost. Everything done on iRacing is in an attempt to be the most authentic feel towards real racing for PC. Also, as a NASCAR fan, iRacing is one of the only options to be able to race competitively for an oval track. GT and Forza are great, but I just enjoy the community iRacing has to offer. The service is subscription based, so you don’t get a lot of people who are trying to wreck everyone. Because of this, the racing is fantastic and competitive.

5.) Are you a fan of racing offline? Who is your favorite driver?

I do! I watch NASCAR on a weekly basis and try to keep up with Formula 1. Chase Elliot is my current favorite driver for NASCAR, but I was a huge Matt Kenseth fan before that. I really Like Kimi and Lando Norris for F1.

6.) If someone reading this is interested in getting into iRacing, what are the steps not only to get started but get your own car?

Really just jump into it! It can be difficult to get the wheel setup, but in the end it is totally worth it. From there, I would recommend doing some private test sessions to get used to the cars and get comfortable with the physics. You can also run AI races to get a feel for how you do when around other cars on the track!

7.) How much real life knowledge should someone have about race cars or cars in general before getting into iRacing?

I came into iRacing just knowing basic stuff about cars and how to drive a car. Id say other than that, having a basic understanding of race etiquette and racing rules would be a good idea!

8.) Do you like Days of Thunder? and if not are you ok with being wrong?

Hell yea I like Days of Thunder! Great movie about NASCAR! I’m actually forcing my wife to watch it sometime!

9.) Since we asked, what is the absolute worst movie about racing?

I’ll have to say Driven with Sylvester Stallone. Just a super cheesy movie that’s pretty uninteresting. Also Stallone isn’t even the main character…… why is all the promotional material about him then?