Interview with Creator of the Month, Breezy Wayne

1.) How long have you been a gamer/streamer?

I’ve been gaming since I was 4. Streaming since 2012 so, 8 years it’s a long time.

2.) Favorite game you have played?
Favorite Game I’ve played very tough they’re so many, but i’ll go with Warzone I love FPS and Battle Royales I thrive at those games, and enjoy the fast pace and the unknown with them.
3.) What do you do when you aren’t creating content?
I work part time and spend time with my wife and daughter. I’m always creating content, it’s a 24/7 thing. My family are a bunch of gamers and content creators.
4.) What’s the next big thing/game you want to be involved with?
I want to be apart of the next wave of creators that people don’t know about. I always say I’m the most known unknown, I want to show, what I got and that chance to. Game wise, the next Battle Royale or FPS game.
5.) What’s 1 thing people don’t know about you that you’d want them to know?
I’m a black belt in karate and BJJ.
6.) What’s the most challenging part about gaming/streaming?
Gaming comes naturally, but streaming is being consistent and keeping your stream fresh and fun. It’s hard to not think about numbers and compare yourselves to others.
7.) Who is your favorite person to watch? Why?
TIMTHETATMAN & Dr Disrespect to add another. Because these guys are so, entertaining and the way they handle their streams, is something that I strive to be. The consistency and dedication as well. Fun fact Tim raided me before Christmas last year to 20k viewers Highlight of my Streaming career…
8.) Does your significant other/partner/family member ever play or watch with you?
Yes my wife is my number one supporter and my daughter. They’re always at my streams, and encourage me to keep going. They also, game with me playing Fortnite, Warzone, Minecraft Etc. They’re a big part of my stream, and why I keep going.
9.) If you could be great at something other than streaming/gaming what would it be?
Athlete or comedian. I’m very athletic and funny so, I could strive in that if I wasn’t into gaming/streaming.
10.) If you could be any animal which would it be and why?
Cheetah they’re the fastest in the world, and fearless, and go after what they want. Similar to what i’m doing with streaming.