Interview with Aero Revolution

1.) How did you get your start with gaming?
I started gaming on a very young age & been gaming my whole life pretty much so far I can remember, from Gameboy, PC, consoles and everything around gaming related, how I really started in the gaming community came around when I was playing call of duty and decided to upload some videos to YouTube when I got invited to a trickshot & sniping team called Zneo which sadly came to a end at on point but I stuck around in the community with the most love & passion for gaming.
2.) What have you learned offline that has helped you online?
I have learned a lot of stuff offline which helped me online, but what I learned offline what helps me online the most is probably management, as I’m a freelancer as well for work i learned a lot of management skills which definitely has helped me a lot through out the years.
3.) What led you to create/found your gaming organization?
What led me to create/found my own gaming organization, as i said earlier, I used to be in a few clans/teams and organizations where I picked up a ton of stuff and experience and I always wanted to start my own organization so after going through a lot of bed experience in a couple teams & organization a couple friends and people they convinced me to start my own team/organization and be a part of the start-up and yea that’s how it all started.
4.) What would you like the future of your gaming org to look like?
We’re working hard on being a major brand in the gaming community/industry for content creators, streamers, Esports & clothing as well! All I want for it in the future is a bright future where we can help people get noticed in the gaming industry/community & hopefully turn gaming into a job for people.
5.) What is one thing you learned that you think other org leaders should know about leadership?
What a lot of org leaders/management should know about leadership is to understand fully their people and their situations. Everyone goes through stuff and you have to understand and stand behind your people, take care of them & support them sometimes you have to put your brand on 2nd place and your people 1st.
6.) Why should free agents or potential future members consider your org?
Free agents and potential future members should know how much we care about our members, Esports players, content creators, streamers & management etc. We try to have a family vibe in the team, everyone is always standing up for each other, supporting and overall trying to grow each other. We have a lot of members that been here for a long run already and we always have spots open for people to really grow with a team apart from certain benefits we share or give our people!
7.) Is there a gaming or sports “celebrity” you wish you had in your org? 
No there is not a gaming or sports ”celebrity” that I wish we had in our org. I’m a strong believer on growing on your own power & hopefully creating some celebrity ourselves. Of course I wouldn’t say no to certain celebrity’s if we had a chance to acquire them to represent Aero Revolution.
8.) If you weren’t in gaming what would your dream job be?
Having a job in gaming always has been my dream since I was at a very young age so I really couldn’t think about any other dream job for me.
9.) When you aren’t online what are you passionate about?
I’m very passionate about clothing when I’m not online & always working on my organization their clothing line & hopefully my own personal clothing line in the future.
10.) The famous question! What animal would you be if you had the choice?
If I had a choice on what animal i could be i would pick a lion. I love lion’s also due me being born in August.