Interview with AdrinaLynn

1.) How did you get into gaming? What was the very first game you played?
I would have to say my mom. She had a SEGA when I was young and I remember playing 
a few games on it before the age of 5.
2.) Would you say you’re a casual or competitive gamer? Have you always been this way?
Yes haha I can’t help it! I will never be toxic about it though, all in good fun and I know how 
not be sour when I lose.
3.) What are you most passionate about when it comes to your fans/community?
I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I even have one! They are my light in a very
dark world. Everyone is so different and unique but love each other no different. My mods
are some of the very best, the community is protected to the fullest. I could not ask 
for more. 
4.) Who has inspired you in either a good way or as an example of what not to do?
So many people in so many ways, I can not just pick one but I will say do not be afraid
to ask for help and do not be afraid to take some constructive criticism. 
5.) In your opinion what is the best video game ever created? What is your favorite gaming system ever?
The best ever created? What’s with the tough questions?! haha My personal favorite 
will always and forever be the Pokemon series and the sims. They will never get old to me
and have endless possibilities. I turned my kindle fire into a giant Gameboy color and still
play the old school Pokemon games. 
6.) What game did you start and never finish, but wish you had? Why didn’t you finish it?
Fable 3! oh how I loved that game! I didn’t finish it because I ended up getting rid of my
Xbox 360, I can’t help that I will forever be a PlayStation fan.
7.) What are you most looking forward to after the pandemic is over?
Going outside again? Seeing family and friends! Travel without having to wear a mask
the whole flight? Wearing lip color again? haha so many things! I will say one thing I 
will forever be grateful for, if the pandemic didn’t happen then who knows if I would 
even be filling this survey out right now.
8.) Do you have any pre-game routines? Foods/drinks you always have when gaming?
I get up in the morning and have coffee, then go on a two mile walk. I always have coffee
during stream as well! I go on the same two mile walk after stream, it really helps me reflect on the day.
9.) What is 1 thing you wish people knew about you or should?

My socks never match! life is too short to be worrying about silly things like that!

10.) Final Question: If you could be any cartoon character, which and why?
Velma from Scooby Doo. I have always related to her. I was never the popular girl in school 
and I love to read. I wanted to be a writer when I was younger, owning a bookstore or
running a library has also been a dream of mine and who doesn’t love a good mystery? 😉