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Get Wet Sports wants to recognize and support Indie Games and those who make the indie scene happen. Below are the games that we are watching and recommend you do as well


Core Decay

  Core Decay is an upcoming retro FPS for mobile and PC. Explore derelict facilities, uncover a vast conspiracy, install cybernetic upgrades as you gain levels, and find a ton of unique weapons and powerups in an old-school shooter inspired by classics such as Doom, Quake and Descent 

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Death and Taxes

In this small Indie, 2D, narrative-based game, you take the role of the Grim Reaper… on an office job. Your job is to decide which people are going to live or die. Your choices will affect the world around you. Keep the chaos away or foil plots to destroy the world and rise through the ranks of Reapers all the way up to MIDDLE-MANAGEMENT, wow! 

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Dusk Tactics

 Dusk Tactics is an independent turn-based strategy game, or (SRPG), that was workshopped and outlined in 2013 and has been developed mainly for the last 2 years. The game and underlying engine are coded in Java 8 with JSON scripting and use of the libGDX gaming library.

The game has a 2D isometric style reminiscent of older handheld and console RPGs and SRPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, and more. While not truly isometric, it’s what is referred to as “video game isometric”, it enables the creation of a pseudo-3D environment using only 2D elements. 

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Exile Squadron

 Exile Squadron is an indie retro shoot ‘em up (or SHMUP for short), created by solo developer One Bit Studio. After almost three years of development, it was released on 11.11.2019 on Steam and In this sidescrolling shoot ‘em up, the player assumes the role of an elite pilot of the Exile Squadron. Using a variety of weapons, the player will have to stop the forces of the Colonies, who are hell-bent on destroying Earth. Unlock and upgrade your equipment, blast your way through action-packed levels and climb to the top of the online leaderboards! 

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Good Knight

 Slay hell in this Philippine horrors, history and literature fuse with Greek stories like Dante’s Inferno story. Good-Knight is a Butt-clenching Arcade Metal Game influenced by games like Super-Hexagon, Castlevania and Touhou. It’s almost genre-less as it fuses genres like Shooters Rhythm Puzzle Bullet-Hell.

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Lawmage Academy

  Experience the life of a student in Lawmage Academy and go on adventures as you unravel the dark secrets of the Academy.  Lawmage Academy is a magic school JRPG heavily inspired by games such as Persona 4, Mana Khemia, and Suikoden. Development was started by Verinius in 2018 using RPG Maker MV.

Download the Demo at:  

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Metal Max last wish

After the Great Destruction, the world fell into chaos. Humanity did everything they could to survive against the mutants and machines created during the Great Destruction. Because of that, the humans created a new job called “Monster Hunter”. Where the hunter kills enemies to protect everyone from being attacked and because of that, the economy was based around that.

The Hunters started using the Vehicles and Tanks left after the great destruction as their main way to hunt monsters. Customizing them and creating new powerful weapons for humanity.

You, as a young boy, want to become a Monster Hunter, but in the making, you realize something about the past of your deceased mother, (Also a Monster Hunter in her time) and want to know more about the strange circumstances in which she died. Start your journey as a monster hunter and collect tanks throughout your adventure.

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Project Sky

Project Sky is a game set in a vast science-fantasy world of old technology, and untamed wilderness. Partnering with an unlikely companion from one of the non-human tribes, players will travel to the far corners of the Skylands, seeking to unite all tribes under a single banner so that they may stand a fighting chance as they wage war against a technologically superior force.   

You will learn to survive in a multitude of beautiful and dangerous environments as you develop a bond with your travel companion. You will explore ancient ruins, and hunt the metal creations left behind by the false gods that vanished long ago. You will hand-craft and fine tune your equipment, uncover and harness advanced technology from another age and ultimately ensure that the mistakes of the past are not mis-used to shape the future. 

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Ram Preasure

Ram pressure is a physics term for a pressure shock wave in front of a body moving rapidly in a fluid medium. A meteoroid traveling supersonically through Earth’s atmosphere produces a shock wave generated by the extremely rapid compression of air in front of the meteoroid. It is ram pressure that heats the air that in turn heats the meteoroid as it flows around it.

During an unusual meteorite storm that passed through our solar system, fragments of an alien space fleet fell to Earth – including damaged ships and pieces of space bases … the remains of alien fleets decimated by an ancient galactic war. Afraid of widespread panic, world governments hide the truth from the population by sending elite mercenary squads to crash sites – gaining access to the alien technology before anyone else.

As the leader of one of these paramilitary organizations, you have to successfully scout, secure, and deliver the weapons and intel found in each alien crash site to paying governments indifferent to loss of life. In time – while performing extremely dangerous incursions for alien artifacts – you begin to lift the veil behind government conspiracies and state-sponsored attempts to use alien technology to control the world’s population. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as “first contact” goes: Humanity faces a much more real serious threat that could lead to the total eradication of mankind.

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Stereo Aeroe

Stereo Aereo is a crazy musical journey through space. Use your cat-like reflexes or get into the groove and use your sense of rhythm while crossing a comic book style sci-fi universe inspired by the pop-culture influences of the 80’s. Your job is to get space rock band Stereo Aereo to their 15 minutes of fame!

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Star Excess

 StarExcess is a retro-looking vertical shoot ’em up inspired by the 16-bit era. Take on enemy armies and dodge frenetic shots in this shoot ’em up for one or two players in a local offline co-op. This game has a combat system where your ship has two modes. Each mode has different speed and weapons, which need to be switched during levels. Levels are generated pseudo-randomly. Each one has its own sets of enemy waves that are chosen at the beginning of each level.  


 -Each ship has two weapons, main and secondary, which can be alternated. But beware, changing weapons influences your speed! 

 -Supports 1 or 2 players (local – offline coop). Play side by side, like old days. 

 -Different ships with different weapons, health and speed. Choose the one that suits you best. 

 -Seven levels with waves of enemies randomly chosen. The waves will not appear in the same order as previous games, encouraging the development of player skill. 

 -Pixel art style. Drawn pixel by pixel. 

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Shattered: Tale of the forgotten king

Put on the Wanderer’s coat and explore strange worlds adrift within the void. Retrace the fall of an entire civilization through the testimonies of its rare survivors in Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King, an adventure game mixing exploration and boss fight. 

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Terra Radoma

  Terra Randoma is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG with a fluid combat system.The game is bringing a modern touch to the authentic roguelike experience. Your character is a newcomer to a procedurally generated island full of dungeons, quests, curiosities and adventure. Once you step foot on the island, you decide where to go on this open world and meet challenges along the way. Your actions affect the world and your story emerges as you play.

You will fight your way through your own emergent story, and gain experience, gold and fame, while you discover the ancient evils that threaten the island. 

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The Girl from Arkanya

The Girl from Arkanya is a top-down action RPG which follows the story of Marisa, an aspiring young treasure hunter, and her capybara companion as they venture deep into the untamed jungles of Amazonia. There, they discover countless riches while unlocking the secrets of the shamans to control nature itself. The land faces a grave threat however, as ancient and terrible magic threatens to destroy Arkanya. 

Fight with courage, and grab as much loot as you can, to save your home and become the world’s greatest treasure hunter! 

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The Last Spell

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical RPG immersed in roguelite mechanics in which you lead a team of hardened heroes to defend the last bastion of humanity against hordes of monsters. 

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Witchcrafter: Empire Legends is a gripping platformer RPG with a strong emphasis on a dark fantasy story, fulfilled with vivid characters with own motives and experiences, set in the world full of elemental magic.

The game will tell a story of a young witchcrafter – Estel, who was found as a newborn in the forest by an old man, named Trismegistos. He raised him and taught everything about the magic and the world. They live in the wilderness between two empires – Emporia and Navia, in peace and desolation, blissfully unaware, but these are actually dire times.

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