Top 5 MLB Teams

1.) Tampa Bay Rays (39-23)

Count us as one of those who counted them out early on but they continue to win and continue to play solid team baseball. Also we are thrilled to see prospect zombro out of the hospital after that nasty comeback hit to the face

2.) Chicago White Sox (37-23)

We still think la russa is a turd but this team doesnt care and the rotation is as nasty as 1 through 9 are in the line up in any given night

3.) San Francisco Giants (38-23)

After seeing posey and longoria light it up, crawford found his way into the spotlight and has been on fire, with his latest bomb he has 14 on the year

4.) Los Angeles Dodgers (35-25)

We couldve argued the red sox or As here but honestly none of those teams have the potential L.A. has which is why there up and down play is frustrating to watch. Belli is still a beast though

5.) San Diego Padres (37-27)

Similiar to their rivals the padres take 2 steps forward and 2 steps back lately. That said the ceiling is still a world series title and the floor seems like the wild card. Not a bad place to (finally) be for the friars

Top 5 NFL Teams

1.) Kansas City Chiefs

They seem locked and loaded and with lessons learned post super bowl this is a dangerous team regardless of what anyone else does here on forward

2.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They, very much like the Chiefs, bring the gang back for another run at a title. The NFC Seems very wide open so the challenge isnt so much making the playoffs again but rather beating the odds and repeating

3.) Buffalo Bills

If any team is set to dethrone the Chiefs its Buffalo. A big key will be the continued evolution of Allen. He finally showed why the Bills were so high on him and now must continue to show development as a franchise QB

4.) Green Bay Packers

If he returns, a big if right now, then the Packers should be a top seed in the NFC. If Rodgers leaves the Packers are going to drop out. For now though the reality is everyone else in the NFC is on A-Rods playground playing by his rules

5.) Los Angeles Rams

Its hard to bet against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks but theyre breaking in a new OC so we side with the Rams who get a huge improvement with Stafford at the helm.
Can he stay healthy? For now who cares because as it stands this team is loaded
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