Top 5 2021 NFL Teams

1.) Kansas City Chiefs

Got absolutely handled by a tough Buccaneers team but they are in a good spot to return to the big game with no glaring holes. They need to focus on the offensive line and the defensive line in the draft

2.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

They have some tough choices to make next year but should have no issue filling whatever holes pop up. Gronk and Brady will be back and while they may lose some weapons this team has all the pieces to make it back

3.) Buffalo Bills

This is a scary good team and every year they seem to get better. They really need the defense to return to form and maybe add 1 more weapon but this team will be dangerous next year

4.) Green Bay Packers

Rodgers is in trade rumors (His cap hit would be stupid) but he will be back most likely, although likely missing at least one of the running backs he had this season. They need to figure out how to stop teams on defense and on offense they need 1 more weapon for what may be rodgers swan song in titletown

5.) Los Angeles Rams

The NFC West is a tough division but there is no denying the fact the Rams are loaded next year. They already had a top notch defense and now they have an offense that could rival the bills and chiefs of the nfl. if stafford is healthy watch out NFL

Top 5 NBA Teams

1.) Utah Jazz (27-7)

3rd best offensive scoring rating in the league and running away with the west. now the question is do they have anything in the tank come playoff time

2.) Los Angeles Lakers (24-11)

As lebrons health goes so too do the lakers. they forever rest all their hopes he has enough in the tank to get them to the finals again but this team is an injury away from dropping significantly

3.) Los Angeles Clippers (24-12)

A surprising loss to the bucks shadows over an otherwise decent week but having lost 4 of their last 10 some dents seemingly have appeared in the armor

4.) Brooklyn Nets (22-13)

far and away the most explosive team in the league and while they play second fiddle to the sixers that gap is shrinking. The defense is still a work in progress

5.) Phoenix suns (22-11)

they play team ball and are currently a more balanced team than the sixers are. ever since last years bubble this has been a team on the rise

Top 5 MLB Teams

1.) Los Angeles Dodgers

They look ready to defend their crown and should win the West again but boy are the Padres loaded this year

2.) San Diego Padres

Every year they seem to win the offseason just to lose the real season. This year just feels different and that rotation will carry them if healthy

3.) New York Yankees

If they can stay healthy you have to like their chances of representing the AL in the Fall Classic

4.) Toronto Blue Jays

The East is going to be tough and should come down to the Jays or Yankees but we absiolutely loved the offseason for this up and coming team

5.) Atlanta Braves

The NL is loaded this year but the Braves are still head and shoulders above the NL east as both the Mets and Marlins are a year or two away yet

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