Frostys NHL 5

1.) Vegas Golden Knights

Golden Knights continue their reign at the top spot again.
A lot of this list this week will deal with playoff expectations and this is the team I see standing coming the WCF.
Sitting with the best Goaltender tandem in the league, the Knights look to strong heading into the last 5 games of their season.

2.) Colorado Avalanche

The Avs rise up a few spots and land at the two spot heading into the final week.
The other team I see standing come the WCF. The Avalanche are loaded with speed and skill, running a 3 game win streak heading into their last week.

3.) Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes fall to the three spot.
A team that caught fire at the right time, the Canes might make a deep run this year.
Still have to worry about the defending champions, but this Hurricanes squad might be positioned for a deeper run than a lot expect.

4.) Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa slides back one spot to the fourth slot this week.
The defending champs still have some things to figure out before the playoffs, but it’s a roster that is built for playoff hockey.
Though, they will have to hope the injury bug that has plagued them all season will cease with its torture as they wait for Steven Stamkos and Nikitia Kucherov to return.

5.) Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs land at the fifth spot this week.
The Leafs fell off midway through the season after dominating the beginning of the season, but I whole heartedly believe this will be a different Leafs team in the playoffs.
A club that made the correct moves this offseason, showed the capability of this roster and with a few key trade additions, this team will look pretty solid in the near future.

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