Frostys NHL 5

1.) Toronto Maple Leafs

Finding themselves at the peak, the Leafs have my number 1 spot. This Toronto team is deadly and differently looks like a different team.
The bolstered D is helping Freddy in net and the depth is starting to come alive for Toronto.

2.) Montreal Canadiens

Canadiens fall to two but not because they are playing bad. Toronto is just looking that good.
The Habs are still playing consistent good hockey and getting scoring from all 4 lines. Don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.

3.) Tampa Bay Lightning

Surprise. Remember them? Well, they are back. Tampa flies back into the 3 spot. The champs have been scoring in the mother loads of late. Out scoring opponents 18 to 4 in their last four games.
Champs gonna champ. Their schedule has picked up like I said and they are rocking a 9-1-1 record.

4.) Philadelphia Flyers


5.) Boston Bruins

Appearing in the Frosty 5 for the first time is the Boston Bruins at the final spot.
Boston has come alive with David Pastrnak reentering the line up. But that’s not all, their second line is playing just as hot led by Craig Smith and Nick Ritchie.
To add, their young defensive core is playing above expectations and surprising a lot of people.
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